The University of Advanced Studies was founded to study, apply and broadcast Mak'Gregor's Method (MMG).


The University of Advanced Studies - UEA is a free institution, it´s unrelated to other organizations or institutions, whether public, private, religious or secular. It also has no links with other schools, colleges or universities.


The University is not intended for vocational training, but for the human in its entirety; therefore it has no curricular courses. It is multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary and poly-disciplinary, covering more than 200 disciplines applied jointly. The main objective is to assist the individual to invest in himself/herself; thereby promoting his/her own growth by increasing the intellect, developing critical thinking and turning him/her into one scholarly researcher/scientist. Mak'Gregor's method strives for universal knowledge; "polvético"*, and all subjects are arranged in three groups that avoid fragmentation: Science, Philosophy and Ontology permeated by Art.


Bases of Mak'Gregor's Method (MMG):


  • It´s Revisionist and Agnostic.

  • Encourages self-education.

  • Advocates the search for Cybernetyka and the Advanced Studies.

  • Applies Epistemology and Gnosiology.



* Word portuguese language with meaning octopus, with its tentacles and suckers.

Advanced studies


Inspired by the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University, Mak'Gregor's method is a new school that brings the base of investigative knowledge applied through studies and research covering all areas of human knowledge.


Without relying on the systematic standardization of educational schools, Mak'Gregor's method applies advanced studies with its own methodology, through aligned maiêuticas and lectures.


At UEA there are no classes in the curriculum models. Instead of these, maiêuticas and lectures take place. The model is not of Socratic maieutics, but aligned with one or two Edeutas in charge.


Not following the system, UEA does not call the students as students but as prekauts; and does not have teachers, but Edeutas.

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